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Newsletter December 2006


The annual North Africa and Middle East Industry Hub Meeting and Regional Regulatory Harmonization Workshops convened in Cairo, Egypt. Training workshops on international conventions: FAO Code of Conduct (CoC), Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP's), Rotherdam Convention on Prior Informed Consent (PIC). Container management working group formed in South Africa. CropLife supports EU's UNA IPM project in Somalia. Eritrea inventory planning workshop with FAO. New CropLife International guideline booklets and individual pictures go on-line. CropLife South Africa and the South African Pesticides Initiative Programme (SA-PIP) teamed up to develop CropLife South Africa’s Responsible Pesticide Use manual. CropLife International's Crop Protection Strategy Council's priorities developed. Responsible Use training in Côte d'Ivoire. Strategic alliances formed with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), a Canadian public institution supporting development in Developing Countries, and with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). IFDC Kyrgyzstan Tour includes West Africa CropLife Members. CropLife Africa Middle East signs MoU with Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA). CropLife Africa Middle last Executive Committee meeting for 2006 was held in Cairo, Egypt. Africa Stockpiles Programme (ASP) kick-off meeting in South Africa. Kenya container management project. Biotechnology focus with AfricaBio on Uganda, Malawi, Swaziland and South Africa.

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Newsletter November 2006


CropLife Madagascar pesticide container management proposal. National Anti-Locust Centre (CAN) in Madagascar. IFDC and industry members trained agro-input dealers in Ouagadougou. Joint workshop and hub meetings with IFDC on regualtory harmonization with ECOWAS and WAEMU. Cooperation with IFDC's 1000+ project. IFDC facilitators to conduct Train-the-Trainer course in Madagascar. Draft MoU for cooperation between CropLife Mali and TradeMali. Newly created CropLife Burkina Faso. Cascade training in Cameroon. Biotechnology Stakeholders Consultation Workshop on Environmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Organisms” held in Pretoria, South Africa. Regional Workshop on Chemical Hazard Communication and GHS Implementation for Arab Countries. CropLife Mauritius is plans to train distributors jointly with the Dangerous Chemicals Control Board and the Reistrar. CropLife Mauritius links with APEXHOM (horticultural export association of Mauritius) on 'Pesticide Waste Management' project to be financed by UNDP/GEF. Progress on Africa Stockpiles Programme (ASP) in Tanzania. International Conference on Pesticide Use in Developing Countries in Arusha, Tanzania. AfricaBio Workshop on Latest Developments and Trends in Agricultural Biotechnology. Other CropLife Newsletters.

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Newsletter October 2006


Morocco & Tunisia Master Trainer Courses. Zimbabwean Master Trainer leads the way in cascade training. CropLife Africa Middle East participated at the African Regional Meeting on the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) in Cairo, Egypt. Strengthening National Association in Cameroon. Pesticide Management
Policy Workshop in South Africa. Central Africa Regulatory Initiatives involving the Central Africa Phytosanitary Committee - Comité Phytosanitaire d’Afrique Centrale (CPAC), the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa - Communauté Economique et Monétaire d’Afrique Centrale (CEMAC) and the Inter-African Phytosanitary Council (IASPC).  Africa Stockpiles Programme (ASP) Obsolete Stocks
workshop in Lyon, France.  

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Newsletter September 2006


A Unique Pesticide Dealers Training Scheme flourishes with CropLife Egypt. Master Trainer's success in cascade training in South Africa. Progress with Africa Stockpiles Programme (ASP) in Tunisia and Morocco. Train-the-Trainer course for participants from Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya held in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. Sudan Agrochemicals Association (SAGA) concluded pesticide dealer training for dealers in cooperation with PPD Safe Use Department. Regulatory Authorities in Jordan introduce improvements to regulatory system of pesticide registration. Responsble Use and inputs training for mango industry in Mali. IFDC International Training Workshop on Challenges in Developing Agricultural Input Markets in Africa, Arusha, Tanzania. West-Central Africa hub to include new Togo national association. Africa Stockpiles Programme Implementation Committee (ASPIC) meetings in Cape Town, South Africa. CropLife Africa Middle East to sign an MoU with COMESA. CropLife Africa Middle East joins Steering Committee of South Africa - Pesticides Improvement Initiative (SA-PIP). IFDC and CropLife to cooperate on Train-the-Trainer courses in West Africa.

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Newsletter August 2006


Syrian authorities conclude Phase 2 of the repackaging and safeguarding exercise for 450 tons of obsolete pesticide stocks. CropLife Madagascar Responsible Use training with “Projet BV Lac“, a CIRAD project funded by Agence Française de Développement (AFD) in rice production region. Sahelian Pesticides Committee - Comité Sahélien des Pesticides (CSP) meeting in Bamako, Mali. Train-the-Trainer course with CropLife Syria for government and industry personnel. Train-the-Trainer course with CropLife Ghana for government, NGO and industry staff. CropLife's East & Southern Africa Hub & SEARCH meetings in Nairobi, Kenya. Strengthening of national associations in Mali and Côte d’Ivoire. CropLife Africa Middle East representatives attend meeting with representatives of the “Delegation of the European Commission” in Botswana to link CropLife Africa Middle East SEARCH initiative and COLEACP directly to the SADC MRL Project. CropLife Morocco officially approved.

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Newsletter July 2006


CropLife assists with IFDC training workshop in Bamako, Mali entitled “International Training Program on Sustainable Management of Agricultural Traders and Producers Organisations”. Multiplier training by Master Trainer in South Africa. Cascade training by Master Trainers in Mauritius. New CropLife International structure announced. East-Southern Area of CropLife Africa Middle East held their annual hub and regulatory meetings in Nairobi, Kenya. In Nairobi, Kenya, the Executive Committee for CropLife Africa Middle East, concluded its constitution by electing office bearers.

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Newsletter June 2006


Stewardship Reports show that over 50000 farmers, extensionists and farm workers were trained in 2005 by CropLife trained trainers and Master Trainers in Ethiopia. CropLife trained Master Trainers of the USAID backed Agricultural Productivity Enhancement Programme (APEP) in Uganda have trained hundreds of agri-input dealers and shop owners, managers and attendants, coop and depot staff, extension workers, Uganda National Farmers Federation (UNFF) members, seed producers, traders and farmers in Safe Use and agricultural productivity. IFDC French Train-the-Trainer course in Côte d’Ivoire. Locust control, dealer training and a code of conduct for CropLife Madagascar. Co-operation with Agriculture Reconstruction and Development Programme (ARDI) in Iraq. AOAD General Assembly in Cairo. IFDC in partnership with CropLife Ghana trained Farmer Based Organisations from cotton, cocoa, rice, citrus, cassava, vegetable and seed sectors to reinforce capacity for Safe Use and Handling and Responsible Management of Crop Protection Products. Workshop with FAO, World Bank and CILSS/CSP.on unused locust products in Mali. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) press update by WIPO. Pesticide tax abolished in Madagascar. Ethiopia ammends pesticide legislation. Moroccan association members included in Obsolete Stocks Disposal Project within Phase I of the Africa Stockpiles Programme (ASP). CropLife Africa Middle East sponsored the graduation ceremony for students of Crop Protection Department/Higher School of Agronomy (ESA) in Côte d’Ivoire.

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Newsletter May 2006


Grant Aid Agreement between World Bank and South African Government to start Africa Stockpiles Programme (ASP). CropLife Mauritius re-elect President. Train-the-Trainer course in Malawi. Advanced AfricaBio-CropLife Biotechnology Communicators Training in South Africa, for participants from South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Nambia, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania and Mauritius. West Central African Hub and Regulatory workshops were held in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Industry leaders endorse plan to restructure CropLife International. IFDC-CropLife training & capacity building workshop Burkina Faso for AGRODIA. CropLife Africa Middle East signs MoU with Food, Agriculture & Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN).

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Newsletter April 2006


Executive Board of AMIPHY to change name of association to CropLife Morocco. New Executive Board of AMATPA (Jordan) elected for three year term. Zambia scraps tax on agricultural inputs after farmers protested and prices for vegetables and other products rise. Ethanol Africa to erect eight bio-ethanol plants in South Africa. African countries resist US moves to push Africa to accept Genetically Modified (GM) food now that the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has ruled EU broke rules by barring GM foods and seeds. First Arabic Train-the-Trainer course in Egypt. CropLife International Launches web-based manual for working with international bodies on pesticide. EU backed UNA IPM project in Somalia. CropLife Africa Middle East Executive Committee meeting in Nairobi. National Association elections in South Africa, Ethiopia, Madagascar. CropLife trained facilitators conduct several trainings in West-Central region - Ghana, Mali and Senegal. CropLoife drive to instil compliance with the FAO Code of Conduct. CropLife Africa Middle East and EUREPGAP cooperation.

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Newsletter March 2006


CropLife Africa Middle East provides Togo with training to assist with setting up of pesticides committee. CropLife Mali launched. CropLife Syria launched. Training-the-Trainer course for post-graduate IPM Masters students at International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM) in Bari, Italy. CropLife International meetings of Global Project Teams & Committees: Stewardshipand Sustainable Agriculture Committee; Chemicals Committee; FAO Code of Conduct Implementation Team. CropLife International’s first mini-conference in Geneva draws highest ever percentage of external stakeholders. New CEO for CropLife South Africa. CropLife Malawi name change approved. Next West Central Africa hub and regulatory meetings to be cost-shared with IFDC-MIR Project in Burkina Faso. Train-the-Trainer course for Agricultural Productivity Enhancement Programme (APEP) in Uganda.

Newsletter March 2006 [ 1.3 mb ]

Newsletter January & February 2006


CropLife Africa Middle East, East-Southern Hub participated at the “Fifth Meeting of SADC Plant Protection Experts” in Maputo, Mozambique. Official launch of CropLife Kenya. Director General of Arab Organisation for Agricultural Development (AOAD) informs Minister of Agriculture of Iraq of reinstatement of Iraq’s membership of the North Africa Middle East regulatory initiative co-driven by CropLife Africa Middle East and the AOAD. This was faciliated by USAID funded project, Agricultural Reconstruction and Development in Iraq (ARDI). Container management in South Africa. IFDC runs French Train-the-Trainer course in Senegal. CropLife Africa Middle East East-Southern Hub SEARCH initiative will be split into 2 to 3 country groupings. OECD Risk Reduction Steering Group discusses pesticide application. Train-the-Trainer course in Jordan for participants from Palestine and Jordan.

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