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Member Association Contact person(s) Contact address and coordinates
  Rabah Allam CropLife Contact
Rabah Allam
194, Rue Boudjemaa Khelil Oued Romane El Achour,
16403 Alger
Tel: +213-21-300208 or +213-21- 308366
Fax: +213-21-308366

Country Fact Sheet :

Country : Contact person(s)
Country: Algeria
Name of National Association: CropLife Algeria
Market Size at CIF level: US$ 25 million per annum at CIF level.
Main Activities of Association: - Represent member companies before local authorities.
- Defend collective interest of industry members.
Is there a formal Regulatory System in Place: Yes
Key events planned for current year: - Official Incorporation of the association.
- Liaison with CropLife AME.

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2015-12-02 11:24:25
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