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Member Association Contact person(s) Contact address and coordinates
Public Health Agricultural
and Veterinary Association
of Botswana (PAVCAB)
(Gaborone, Botswana)
Mike Lakin Public Health Agricultural and Veterinary Association (PAVCAB)
Mike Lakin
PO-Box: 50216
Tel: +267 397 1827 / Cell: +267 71708171
Fax: +267 3971827

Country Fact Sheet :

Country : Contact person(s)
Country: Botswana
Name of National Association: Public Health Agricultural and Veterinary Association (PAVCAB)
Market Size at CIF level: USD 1.2 million
Main Activities of Association: - The development of a training centre in conjunction with the Registrar and the university
- To canvas Govt for the official recognition of the association
Is there a formal Regulatory System in Place: The country follows the registration system of South Africa
Key events planned for current year: - Annual General Meeting : September 2005
- A Liaison Meeting with the Registrar covering the introduction of a permit system, the registration of pest control operators and the revised registration system for pesticides : end June

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