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Member Association Contact person(s) Contact address and coordinates
CropLife Malawi Adamson Tong'o CropLife Malawi
Adamson Tong'o
P.O. Box 40038
Lilongwe 4
Tel: +265 171 7155

Country Fact Sheet :

Country : Contact person(s)
Country: Malawi
Name of National Association: CropLife Malawi
Market Size at CIF level: USD 8.0 m
Main Activities of Association: - Representing members in liaison with Government, Regulatory Authorities and NGO’s.
- Developing local capacity and managing the Safe Use Training Programme.
- Assisting Government in developing an inventory on obsolete pesticide stocks.
- Developing a Business Plan which will clearly identify the way forward for the Association.
- Progressing the name change to take on the CropLife brand.
Is there a formal Regulatory System in Place: A formal regulatory system exists and is enforced.
Key events planned for current year: - Formation of umbrella association of Seed Trade Association of Malawi, Fertliser Association of Malawi & CropLife Malawi
- Install common secretariat for the three associations
- Participate in government subsidy program
- Negotiate with government to include herbicides in subsidy program
- Negotiate with government to subsidise cotton production

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2010-10-04 11:53:19
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Reports of Training Workshops
Report, IPM Training, WARM Project 2010 [ 133 kb ]
TOT Training Report 2010
[  54 kb ]
Malawi Strategic Plan 2008   [  54 kb ]
Malawi April/May 2006 [ 463 kb ]
Malawi January 2005 [ 239 kb ]

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