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Contact Details :

Member Association Contact person(s) Contact address and coordinates
CropLife Maroc
Casablanca, Morocco)
Boubker El Ouilani CropLife Morocco
Boubker El Ouilani, Directeur Exécutif
Tel: +212 522 665 302
Mobile +212 661 188 985
c/o Fédération de la Chimie et de la Parachimie
Lotissement Kamal N°6, Ain Sebaâ – Casablanca – Maroc
Tel +212 5 22 66 53 03
Fax +212 5 22 66 53 04

Country Fact Sheet :

Country : Contact person(s)
Country: Morocco
Name of National Association: CropLife Maroc
Market Size at CIF level: US$ 60 million in 2004 at CIF level
Main Activities of Association: - Represents industry members before official authorities
- Promotes CropLife regulatory and safe use initiative
- Promotes good agricultural practices
- Training and education at different levels in the distribution channel
Is there a formal Regulatory System in Place: Yes
Key events planned for current year: - Organization of 5 Train the Trainers Sessions for the safe and effective use of CP products
- Launch of AMIPHY Web Site
- Meetings & Discussions with Moroccan authorities in order to avoid foliar fertilizers taxation
- Follow up obsoletes stocks activities within ASP & POP’s
- Ongoing discussions with authorities to establish registration procedures for imported & formulated pesticides
- Meeting with Chairman of CropLife AME to boost AMIPHY activities

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Reports of Training Workshops
Morocco September 2006 [ 577 kb ]

News & Pictures from Events
CropLife Africa Middle East Annual
Regional Conference
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CropLife Africa Middle East facilitates
harmonization of regulations
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