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Contact Details :

Member Association Contact person(s) Contact address and coordinates
Sudan Agrochemicals
Association (SAGA)
(Khartoum, Sudan)
Faisal Mohamed Ali Sudan Agrochemicals Association (SAGA)
Faisal Mohamed Ali
P.O. Box 2643 Khartoum
Elsharif Elhamedi Street
House No. 37
Khartoum East
Fax: +249 183 780343
Mobile: +249 9121 43715

Country Fact Sheet :

Country : Contact person(s)
Country: Sudan
Name of National Association: Sudan Agrochemicals Association (SAGA)
Market Size at CIF level: US$ 30 million per annum at C+F level
Main Activities of Association: Technically:
- Continuous developing and implementing the concept of Pesticides
Safe use by conducting training of various levels of users, store keepers, applicators, transporting agencies and others.
- By working under the umbrella of the Sudan Chamber of Commerce, we are
protecting the trade rights of our membership . SAGA is almost represented in most of the committees formed to develop the business in cooperation with various ministries, local agencies and other stakeholders.
Is there a formal Regulatory System in Place: Yes
Key events planned for current year: - 1. TOT: annual program.
- 2. Safe use/IPM , training:
a- Farmers (fruit and vegetables, rain- fed and irrigated).
b- Store keepers.
c- Poisons treatment Federal centre (in cooperation with some stakeholders)

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