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Contact Details :

Member Association Contact person(s) Contact address and coordinates
Association Tunisienne
de la Protection des Plantes
(ATPP) (Tunis, Tunisia)
Chébil Mehrez Association Tunisienne de la Protection des Plantes (ATPP)
Chébil Mehrez, Chairman
Mobile +216 98 308 121
20, av. Taieb M'hiri 2014
Mégrine Riadh
Tel +216  71 433 422
Fax +216 71 433 310

Country Fact Sheet :

Country : Contact person(s)
Country: Tunisia
Name of National Association: Association Tunisienne de la Protection des Plantes (ATPP)
Market Size at CIF level: US$ 20 million per annum at C+F level
Main Activities of Association: - Training of pesticide users, retailers, distributors, farmers
- Participation in all national and international specialized manifestations
- Organization of workshop, seminars, meetings
- Edition and release of technical documents
- Share expertise in pest control activities
Is there a formal Regulatory System in Place: Yes
Key events planned for current year: - Organization of trainings for farmer and technician trainings in IPM and safe use of pesticides
- Release of Guide Phytosanitaire
- Participation in a project on elimination of obsolete pesticides

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