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2009 Annual Conference Of CropLife Africa Middle East
The annual conference of CropLife Africa Middle East concluded its sessions yesterday at Ramada Continental Hotel in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Held under the patronage of HE the Minister of Environment of Water of the United Arab Emirates, the conference was co-organised in cooperation with the Arab Organisation For Agricultural Development (AOAD) and co-organised by CropLife Emirates, and was inaugurated by His Excellency Sultan Ben Abdalla Alwan, The Executive Director of Plant and Animal Resources.
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Communication Efficace pour Combattre la Contrefa├žon et Renforcer la Gestion Responsable des Produits de la Protection des Plantes
L’atelier annuel de la Division Afrique de l’Ouest et Centrale (AOC) s’est tenu les 21 et 22 Avril à Douala, Cameroun. Les sujets abordés portaient sur le besoin de renforcer la communication entre tous les acteurs sur les menaces que représentent les contrefaçons et le commerce illicite des produits de protection des plantes (PPPs), pour combattre ces pratiques et promouvoir la gestion responsable des PPPs afin de maximiser les avantages et en minimiser les risques.
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Efficient Communication to Fight Counterfeiting and Enhance Stewardship
The Annual workshop of the West and Central Africa (WCA) hub convened on April 21-22 in Douala, Cameroon. The agenda addressed the need to strengthen communication among all stakeholders about the threats posed by counterfeits and illegal trade of crop protection products (CPPs), to combat such practices and to promote stewardship to maximize the benefits of CPPs and minimize their risks. This approach has been decided following the recent increase in proliferation of counterfeited CPPs in the countries of the hub with resulting growing concerns for local regulatory authorities, CPPs managers, farmers and the entire food chain. 
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CropLife Africa Middle East Strengthens Regulatory Harmonisation on Pesticides In the Arab World: Amman, Jordan: 08-November-2007
The CropLife Africa Middle East annual conference on regulatory harmonisation of pesticides for North Africa Middle East, which included representatives from regulatory authorities and industry throughout the region, concluded recommendations to strengthen and harmonise regional pesticides regulations.
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Strengthening Regional Pesticides Regulations to support Agricultural Productivity in West and Central Africa: Lome, Togo: 22-March-2008
CropLife Africa Middle East annual workshop for West and Central Africa concluded recomendations on strengthening regional pesticides regulations to support agricultural productivity in West and Central Africa.  Specifically addressed were the issues of fraud and counterfeiting, intellectual property rights, compliance with the FAO Code of Conduct, observance of international treaties and on-going harmonisation initiatives in the region.
Press Release Lome, Togo March 22nd, 2007 [ 34 kb ]

CropLife Africa Middle East supports regulations and technological innovations in Crop Protection: Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: 13-April-2006
CropLife Africa Middle East annual workshop for West and Central Africa, was held in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, in April-2006.  The workshop addressed the need to implement a proper regional harmonisation framework for pesticides regulations, aimed at fostering invetement in crop protection innovations in the region.  Deliberations also focused on counterfeiting and piracy, intellectual property rights, with emphasis on trade mark and patent protection, compliance with the FAO Code of Conduct, observance of EU food safety regulations, and development of agricultural biotechnology legislation and biosafety protocols in the sub-region.
Press Release Burkina Faso, April 13th 2006 [ 113 kb ]

CropLife Africa Middle East facilitates harmonization of regulations: Casablanca, Morocco: 29-September-2005

CropLife Africa Middle East held its regional conference for Middle East and North Africa in Casablanca, Morocco in September-2005.  The Registrars' conference concluded specific recommendations to harmonise legislative, statutory and procedural measures amongst countries in the region.

The Memorandum of Understanding with the Arab Organisaion for Agricultural Development (AOAD) was updated and signed.

CropLife Africa Middle East pledged continued support for the regulatory harmonisation initiative.

CropLife Africa Middle East facilitates harmonization of regulations [ 33 kb ]

Plant Science Industry Contributes to the Clean-Up of Obsolete Pesticide Stocks in Ethiopia: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: September-2005
CropLife Ethiopia members are contributing to the clean-up of 800t of obsolete pesticides, mainly owned by the government of Ethiopia.  The contribution is being lodged with the FAO Trust Fund.  FAO initiated Phase I in 2000, and has collected and destroyed 1500t.  Phase II will collect and remove the remaining obstocks.  CropLife Africa Middle east has initiated several responsible use and safe storage trainings to avoid accumulation of obstocks in the future.
Plant Science Industry Ethiopia [ 24 kb ]

Annual General Assembly: Brussels, Belgium: June-2005
CropLife Africa Middle East held its Annual General Assembly meeting in Brussels, Belgium on 01-June-2005.  The annual report provided summaries of regulatory harmonisation initiatives in East & Southern Africa, West & Central Africa and North Africa-Middle East.  Stewardship and Responsible Use were broadened with the roll-out of the Master Trainer concept.  Obsolete stocks progressed with the Africa Stockpiles Programme.  Biotechnology capacity building.  New website launched.  Future challenges include: subscription to the FAO Code of Conduct, increasing membership, supporting pesticide legislation and regulation, promotion of new technologies.
Media Release Annual General Assembly June 2005 / Brussels [ 42 kb ]

Hub Meeting for West and Central Africa: Cotonou, Benin: 06-April-2005
CropLife Africa Middle East held its annual workshop for West and Central Africa at the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture, in Cotonou, Benin, in April-2005. CropLife Africa Middle East and IFDC joined efforts to initiate discussions on a harmonised regional pesticides regulatory initiative in West Africa, following the agricultural policies of WAEMU and the regional economic integration of ECOWAS. The workshop was attended by industry and registrars, as well as representatives from ECOWAS, CILSS, CPHAOC, CSP.  Other issues addressed were: training and local capacity building; obstocks and the Africa Stockpiles Programme (ASP); EU regulations with respect to Maximum Residue Levels; safety and effeicacy of crop protection spraying equipment.
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