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Newsletter December 2012


Message from Dr. Rudolf Guyer– Director General CropLife AME
East & Southern Africa
- SSP ToT & Responsible Use Training: Zambia
  - Development of Master Trainer Capacity in East & Southern Africa
  - CropLife Madagascar Appoints Fulltime Secretariat

  - Participants Excel at TOT and Accreditation Courses: CropLife Zimbabwe

North Africa Middle East
  - CropLife Egypt and Ministry of Agriculture Building Alliances
  - Adaptation to climate change: Egyptian Project
  - Egypt Anti-Counterfeiting Update

West & Central Africa
  - CropLife Côte d’Ivoire: IPM/RU Training for Dealers and Applicators
  - CropLife Ghana: Container Management
  - The importance of PRD/CBI in Morocco

  - 31st Session of CSP
Newsletter December 2012 [ 1.22 mb ]

Newsletter November 2012


North Africa Middle East
  - Annual NAME Hub Workshop Held in Jordan
  - Official Farewell of Ali Mohamed Ali

West & Central Africa
  - SSP Training
  - Anti-Counterfeiting: Cooperation between CropLife Côte d’Ivoire and Customs authorities
  - CropLife Côte d’Ivoire: Association Management Training
  - CropLife Côte d’Ivoire: Partnerships

East & Southern Africa
- Completion and Handover Workshop: Malawi
  - INTERPOL Trafficking in Illicit Goods Programme: Tanzania
  - CropLife Zambia holds AGM
  - Meeting with GIZ, Pretoria Office, South Africa  

Newsletter November 2012 [ 3.46 mb ]

Newsletter October 2012


West & Central Africa
  - CropLife Ghana: IPM / RU Training
  - Seizure of illegal pesticides: Côte d’Ivoire
  - CropLife Africa Middle East signs MoU with ECOWAS
  - CropLife Côte d’Ivoire- Ministry of Agriculture
  - SSP Training - Accra Ghana
  - CropLife trains field staff of Armajaro
East & Southern Africa
  - CropLife Tanzania Participates at a Stakeholder Meeting For the Establishment of a National Poison Information Centre
  - USDA: Informal discussions covering Biotechnology strategy for greater harmonization in Southern Africa.
  - Plant Biotechnology
  - AfricaBio Stakeholder’s Business Meeting
  - Preparatory Workshop for African Delegates to COP- MOP6
  - CropLife Uganda– Anti-Counterfeiting Training
  - Capacity Building
  - CropLife Kenya Partners with Professionals in Building Industry to Fight Counterfeit Products
  - CropLife Kenya - SAICM Project on a Sub-Regional Poisons Centre
North Africa Middle East
  - Conclusions of UNEP Global Chemicals Outlook Seriously Questioned
  - GIZ approves project on adaptation to climate change in Egypt  

Newsletter October 2012 [ 5.0 mb ]

Newsletter September 2012


East & Southern Africa
  - East & Southern Africa Hub and Regulatory Workshop: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  - Ethiopia Obsolete Pesticides Project
  - The Uganda Anti-Counterfeiting Scratch-Code Project
  - CropLife Madagascar: Container Management
  - Top U.S. Agriculture Official to Deliver Key Note Address at South African Agricultural Outlook Conference
  - Kenya: Garden Exports to Grow by 10%

West & Central Africa
  - CropLife Cameroon: IPM / Responsible Use Training
  - CropLife Côte d’Ivoire meets with Ministry of Agriculture, Côte d’Ivoire
  - CropLife Ghana: Stewardship Training

North Africa Middle East
  - CropLife Egypt Meets with Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS)
  - Rising Concern on Counterfeit Pesticides in Egypt

Newsletter September 2012 [ 3.5 mb ]

Newsletter August 2012


West & Central Africa
  - IPM / RU Training: CropLife Cameroon
  - ECOWAS-WAEMU Regional Regulatory Initiative, 24 – 27 July, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
  - Anti-Counterfeiting Programme: Douala - Cameroon
  - FIRCA-GIZ-CropLife Côte d’Ivoire Alliance

North Africa Middle East
  - CropLife Introduces Verified Brands to APC-Egypt
  - Agricultural Technologies Help Protect Natural Habitats
  - CropLife International Participates in WIPO Meeting on IP, Innovation, and Food Security
  - FAO discussion on proposed update to Code of Conduct

East & Southern Africa
  - Association Management Training: CropLife Uganda & CropLife Ethiopia
  - Regional Workshop on the Enforcement of IP Rights for the Judiciary and Law Enforcement Officials: Lusaka 26 + 27 July
  - CropLife Zambia: Responsible Use TOT Training

Newsletter August 2012 [ 3.1 mb ]

Newsletter July 2012


North Africa Middle East
  - CropLife Africa Middle East Holds General Assembly and Board Meetings
  - Global Committees and Project Team Meetings
  - Anti-Counterfeiting Steering Committee
  - Communications Steering Committee
  - Responsible Use ToT conducted in Sudan

West & Central Africa
  - Cooperation between CropLife Côte d’Ivoire and GIZ
  - CropLife Cameroon: Anti Counterfeiting Sensitization Tour

East & Southern Africa
  - AVCASA / CropLife South Africa 2012 Congress
  - World Health Organization (WHO) Feasibility Study for a Sub-Regional Poisons Centre in the East Africa Sub-Region
  - CropLife Uganda: Training
  - CropLife Mauritius
  - Zimbabwe

Newsletter July 2012 [ 2.4 mb ]

Newsletter June 2012


South & East Africa
  - FANRPAN 2012 Partners’ Meeting
  - CropLife Ethiopia
  - ASP Ethiopia
  - AfricaBio AGM
  - CropLife Kenya
  - CropLife Uganda — Anti-counterfeiting program
  - Kenya - New Maize Disease
North Africa Middle East
  - CropLife Egypt conducts IPM/RU Master Trainer Course
  - Farmers Share Their Stories of the Benefits of Plant Science Innovations

West & Central Africa
  - COLEACP-EDES Workshop on Food Safety – Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
  - CropLife Côte d’Ivoire 
  - CropLife AME-ICCO SPS African Cocoa Project
Newsletter June 2012 [ 3.00 mb ]

Newsletter May 2012


West and Central Africa
  - WCA Annual Hub & Regulatory Workshop
  - CPAC-CEMAC Common Regulatory Initiative
  - CropLife Côte d’Ivoire-Association Management
  - Study Reveals Potential of Farms in Africa
North Africa Middle East
  - Training & Qualifying Pesticide Operators & Applicators - A Joint ACDI/VOCA and CropLife Africa Middle East Programme in Egypt
  - Recent News from Farming First
East & Southern Africa
  - CropLife Malawi
  - CropLife South Africa    
Newsletter May 2012 [ 1.99 mb ]

Newsletter April 2012


Regional Regulatory Committee Meeting

West and Central Africa
  - Principles of Regulations Roll Out Workshops
  - MIR Plus Project
East & Southern Africa
  - Empty Pesticide Container Management Project – Swaziland
  - Public Benefits Messaging Project – CropLife Africa Middle East Workshop
  - CropLife Madagascar
  - ABNE / PBS: Partners and Stakeholders’ Meeting on Biosafety Capacity Development in Africa
  - CropLife International, 2012 Africa Regional Biotech Network Meeting
  - CropLife Uganda: Responsible Use and Anti-Counterfeiting Messaging Project
  - CropLife Zambia: INTERPOL Anti-Counterfeiting Training
  - CropLife Zimbabwe  
  - CropLife Malawi
  - Kenyan obsolete stocks safeguarding Project (CleanFarms Kenya)
North Africa Middle East
  - CropLife Morocco Holds General Assembly
  - Jordanian Association Elects New Board
  - Tunisia Association Elects New Board
  - Plant Science Innovation Helps Conserve Global Water Supplies
  - RRC Elects Chairman  
Newsletter April 2012 [ 4.45 mb ]

Newsletter March 2012


North Africa Middle East
 - Egyptian MOA Strengthens Anti-Counterfeiting Efforts
 - Regional Unrest Soars Anti-Counterfeiting and Illegal Trade in Egypt
East & Southern Africa
 - CropLife Zambia – Continuation of the SSP Project with Musika
 - CropLife Uganda
 - South Africa
 - CropLife Zimbabwe – TOT Training
 - Empty Pesticide Container Management Project – Botswana
 - Biotechnology
West & Central Africa
 - Training of Trainers, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
 - Regulatory Harmonization Framework - ECOWAS-WAEMU
 - CropLife Côte d’Ivoire, Anti-Counterfeiting Sensitization Plan  
Newsletter March 2012 [ 1.90 mb ]

Newsletter February 2012


East & Southern Africa
  - CleanFarms Project Kenya – Container Management
  - ASP Ethiopia
  - CropLife Malawi’s role in the review of the Pesticides Act
  - Biotechnology
  - Africa Gets “LEAFY” Award After Hitting Biotech Acceptance Tipping Point
  - Fact finding mission on the illegal use of pesticides - Kenya

North Africa Middle East
  - CropLife Africa Middle East and ACDI-VOCA Review Project Progress
  - GLOBALG.A.P. Pushes Deeper into Global Markets

West & Central Africa
  - CropLife Côte d’Ivoire – Anti-Counterfeiting Sensitization Plan
  - CleanFarms Ghana - Container Management
Newsletter February 2012 [ 4.65 mb ]

Newsletter January 2012


West & Central Africa
  - CropLife Côte d’Ivoire: Training in Banana Production
  - CropLife Côte d’Ivoire cooperation with GIZ
North Africa Middle East
  - CropLife and CIMMYT Co-organize IPM Workshop in Tunisia  
  - Pesticide Operators Qualification Program in Egypt
East & Southern Africa
  - Empty Pesticide Container Management Project – Swaziland  
  - CropLife Tanzania: IPM Training for Mango Growers in Tanzania
  - AfricaBio and Partners Hosts Successful IRM Workshop
  - Africa-Bio Appoints New CEO
  - CropLife Mauritius – “Towards Self Sustainability”
Newsletter January 2012 [ 3.31 mb ]