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Newsletter December 2014

   - Year End Message from the Director General
   - CropLife Kenya implements a Spray Service Provider program to ensure compliance of agricultural produce exports to the EU
   - CropLife Kenya Container Management Project
   - SSP Training: BASF Zambia
   - Local & International Insect Resistance Action Committee (LIRAC) meeting with South African Regulators
   - World Cocoa Foundation-Africa Cocoa Initiative, Steering Committee Meeting
    - SSP Concept in Uganda

   - Launch of the African reference Laboratory for Bee health at the International Centre of Insect
   - Harmonization of Registration Guidelines for Biopesticides
   - Mini hub Meeting, Regulatory Workshop for Gulf Cooperation Council Countries

   - Anti-Counterfeiting Cross-Platform Initiative: Ghana

Association Management
   - Launch of CropLife Kenya Flagship Projects - Kirinyaga County
   - General Assembly Meeting: CropLife Cote d’Ivoire

Plant Biotechnology
   - Boeing aircraft makes world's first "green diesel"-powered flight
   - SA Airways to Test Tobacco Biofuel in 2015
   - Tanzania to relax law on GMOs
   - GMOs Already In Motion: Ministers And MPs Visit CSIR-SARI GMO Cotton Site In Tamale

Newsletter December 2014 [ 1.9 mb ]

Newsletter November 2014


   - North Africa Middle East Mini - Hub Meeting
   - CropLife Africa Middle Host holds year-end Board Meeting in Milan
   - Container Management Project Team meeting with Country Managers: 7 – 9 October : CMPT Meeting on 10 October.
   - Stewardship Steering Committee Meeting: Washington, 21 October
   - IPM / RU Project Team, Washington 22 October
   - Regional Regulatory Committee Meets in Egypt
   - A new obsolete pesticides collaboration between FAO and CropLife International
   - SSP Concept Promoted during World Cocoa Foundation Conference
   - AVCASA / CropLife South Africa is an AgriSETA accredited training service provider. The CropLife SA erial Applicators Course that was recently approved by the AgriSETA was offered for the first time to a group of aerial applicators
   - Africa Agri Forum: Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire

   - Health and Environment Monitoring Training Workshop for the CSP: Burkina Faso

Plant Biotechnology
   - Côte d’Ivoire: Plant Biotech workshop on rules and procedures covering GMO’s.
   - Cameroon may take on genetically modified cotton in 3 years
   - MPs Promise Action towards Lifting Ban on GM Foods in Kenya

Newsletter November 2014 [ 1.4 mb ]

Newsletter October 2014


   - FAO Workshop for the establishment of a Container Management System in Mozambique
   - An Update on the SSP Training in the Lango Sub- Region, Northern Uganda in partnership with IFDC CATALIST targeting 1,000 farmers
   - Coordinators Meeting of the WCF-ACI SSP Project
   - Obsolete Stocks Project: Benin
   - The Executive Committee of SAGA (CropLife Sudan) holds meeting with the Federal Minister of Agriculture
   - The SAGA Executive Committee of SAGA holds important meetings in the Gezira State

Anti Counterfeiting
   - CropLife Egypt’s Anti-Counterfeiting campaign participates in Sahara Exhibition

Association Management
   - CropLife Ghana: General Assembly Meeting
   - CropLife Cameroon: General Assembly Meeting
   - United States Department of Agriculture Introduces New Staff

News From Member Companies
   - Monsanto: New Africa Region Area Lead Meets With USDA
   - DuPont to Invest R62m in Agribusiness R&D Centre

Plant Biotechnology
   - USDA Allows Commercial Planting of Dow AgroSciences' Enlist™ Corn, Soybean Traits
   - Uganda: GMO Bill not withdrawn - Minister

Newsletter October 2014 [ 1.6 mb ]

Newsletter September 2014


   - Kenyan Exports of Fresh Produce under Scrutiny from the European Union
   - IPM-Responsible Use Training Workshop: Cameroon
   - Cooperation Initiative: CropLife Côte d’Ivoire and the Council of Coffee and Cocoa

   - Training Workshop for Regulators and the Crop Protection Industry in Côte d’Ivoire

Plant Biotechnology
   - Meeting of Seed Companies and Plant Biotechnology Industry re: ISAAA Biotechnology Press
Conference 2015: Centurion, 22 August
   - Ghana to trial GM technology on cassava to fight mosaic virus
   - Get More Crop for the Drop of Water

Newsletter September 2014 [ 1.3 mb ]

Newsletter August 2014


   - SSP Project West Africa: WCF-ACI Stakeholders Meetings
   - SSP Côte d’Ivoire: Equipping the SSPs under the WCF-ACI Project
   - BEECON 2014 Convention

   - Principles of Regulation (PoR) GAP Analysis Workshop, Nairobi, 8 July
   - Minor Crop Vegetables Pesticides Registration and Residues Meeting, 30 July
   - Regional Regulatory Committee (RRC) Meeting - Pau, France

   - Anti- Counterfeiting training of Customs Officers and Officers of the Ministry of Agriculture in
Northern Côte d’Ivoire

Plant Biotechnology
   - Ethiopia Expands Jatropha Plantation to Produce Biodiesel

Newsletter August 2014 [ 0.9 mb ]

Newsletter July 2014


   - CropLife Uganda develops “Pilot SSP Project” in partnership with IFDC – CATALIST
   - Training of Trainers Program - Sudan
   - Spray Service Provider Activities in Nigeria Contribute to Increased Sales for Member Companies
   - Cocoa Farmers in Ghana increase yields after SSP intervention
   - SSP Project Côte d’Ivoire: Certification of SSP’s

   - Meeting with COLEACP-PIP

   - USAID Training Workshop on the “Prevention of Counterfeit and Illegal Agro-Inputs”: Mali
Association Management
   - CropLife Africa Middle East Holds Board Meeting & AGM
   - Joint Plant Biotechnology / Crop Protection Communications Committee Meeting, Brussels, 12 & 13 June

Plant Biotechnology
   - Second “Cross-Platform” initiative: Ghana
   - Nigeria
   - Vitamin A-rich Biotech Bananas to Undergo Human Trials

Newsletter July 2014 [ 1.61 mb ]

Newsletter June 2014


   - CropLife Mauritius secures funding under the GEF SGP of UNDP for its Container Management Project
   - SSP Project Zambia: Training
   - CropLife Mauritius participated at a training organised by the Mauritius Fairtrade Cooperative Federation Ltd.
   - The 34th Session of the CILSS-CSP
   - The establishment of a Pollinator Forum – South Africa

Association Management
   - CropLife Mali holds General Assembly Meeting
Plant Biotechnology
   - Plant Biotech Industry & Regulators Dialogue on: “Insect Resistance Management & Emerging Regulatory Issues in South Africa”
   - AFSTA / NISIR Biotechnology Awareness Workshop: Zambia

Newsletter June 2014 [ 1.11 mb ]

Newsletter May 2014


West and Central Africa Hub & Regulatory Workshop

   - Stewardship Meetings, Brussels – 9, 10, 11 April
   - Migratory Soaring Birds Project
   - CropLife Mauritius participates in celebrations marking “World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2014”
   - Responsible Use Seminar: Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Association Management
   - CropLife Uganda: Partnership with Key Enabling Environment for Agriculture Activity (EEA)
   - CropLife Uganda undergoes training on Effective Management for Business Associations
   - CropLife Mauritius holds AGM

Anti Counterfeiting
   - Anti-counterfeiting Flagship Project – Egypt - “Take Care”
   - Anti-Counterfeiting Campaign: Hurghada – Egypt

Plant Biotechnology
   - Cotton Board of Zambia calls for investments in biotech to aid sustained production of quality cotton
   - Kenyan Stakeholders tell Government Taskforce to lift GM food imports ban
   - Cross-Platform Initiative: Ghana

Newsletter May 2014 [ 1.37 mb ]

Newsletter April 2014


   - Meeting with IFDC, CATALIST - Uganda

   - Meeting of the Regional Regulatory Committee and Training Workshop on PRD/CBI

Anti Counterfeiting
   - Fighting the Illegal Trade in Crop Protection Products in Côte d’Ivoire
   - INTERPOL: Operational Planning Meeting – Operation Wipeout, 25-27 March, Kigali, Rwanda

Association Management
   - CropLife Madagascar has a new President
   - CropLife Zimbabwe Holds AGM
   - CropLife South Africa: AGM
   - CropLife Kenya holds Annual General Meeting
   - CropLife Zambia Annual General Meeting - 27 March

Plant Biotechnology
   - Partners and Stakeholders’ Coordination Meeting on Biosafety Capacity Development in Africa
   - CLI Partners Meeting : Malawi - 19 March
   - Cross-Platform Initiative: Ghana

Newsletter April 2014 [ 1.37 mb ]

Newsletter March 2014


   - Oman: Pesticides Research gets Global Honour
   - Release of the IFPRI Study on Climate Change and the Role of Agricultural Technologies
   - SAGA: Participation at the Crop Protection Conference, Sudan
   - WCF-ACI SSP Project Côte d’Ivoire : Meeting with Coffee-Cocoa Council

Anti Counterfeiting
   - Anti-counterfeiting Steering Committee, Washington, 12 February
   - CropLife Côte d’Ivoire: Meeting with the Directorate of Plant Protection-CropLife Côte d’Ivoire

Association Management
   - CropLife Cameroon holds Annual General Assembly Meeting
   - SAGA (CropLife Sudan) holds General Assembly Meeting

   - Crop Protection Communications Committee Meeting, Washington, 10 February

Plant Biotechnology
   - Global Biotech crops increased in 2013 by 5 million Ha
   - Dupont Breakthrough in Crop Biofortification

Newsletter March 2014 [ 1.37 mb ]

Newsletter February 2014


   - Training of Trainers: Coastal Rural Support Program of the Aga Khan Foundation, Tanzania
   - Meeting with IFDC Uganda: CATALIST Project
   - WCF-ACI SSP Project Meeting

   - Meeting with the Pest Control Board (PCPB) -Nairobi, Kenya - 21 January

Association Management
   - Meeting with Chemonics International - Kampala - Uganda
   - CropLife Mali: General Assembly Meeting

Anti Counterfeiting
   - Meeting with AGRA- Nairobi, Kenya
   - Meeting with TETRA TECH, Kampala, Uganda - 23 January
   - Establishment of an Anti-Counterfeiting Flagship Project in Kenya, 22 January

Plant Biotechnology
   - GM Maize Made a Significant Contribution to Food Security
   - Kenya

Newsletter February 2014 [ 1.33 mb ]