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Newsletter December 2015


Year End Message from the Director General

Project Management Workshop Cape Town

Board Meeting in Johannesburg

   - Container Management comes to South Africa
   - Container Management Project Team Meeting
   - CropLife Ghana signs MoU for Container Management Programme
   - Africa Agri Forum : Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire
   - CropLife Mauritius designs a French version of the poster on Triple-Rinsing.
   - Discussions with Myplas, Johannesburg - 3 December   

   - Pollinator Health: African Apicultural Platform (AAP) – General Assembly

Association Management
   - CropLife Asia: Stewardship Training of Trainers – Training & Facilitation Skills Bangkok, 30 Nov – 4 Dec 2015

Plant Biotechnology
   - Change in the leadership at AfricaBio
   - Meeting with USDA
   - Zambia National Biosafety Authority Launched
   - Kenya National Biosafety Authority Receives Public Comments on Bt Cotton Environmental
Newsletter December 2015 [ 1.2 mb ]

Newsletter November 2015

   - National Cocoa and Chocolate Event
   - WEMA: Delivering the Promise to African Smallholder Farmers
   - Regional program for the integrated protection of cotton in Africa (PR-PICA)
   - Interregional Apex Cooperatives Victoire (UIREVI)
   - Capacity building SSP TOT Training: Egypt
   - Agricultural Infrastructures Support Project in the Indenie-Djuablin Region (PAIA-ID)

Association Management
   - CropLife Ethiopia holds General Assembly

   - North Africa and Middle East Hub & Regulatory Workshop

Anti Counterfeiting
   - CropLife Egypt: Anti-counterfeiting Workshop

   - Plant Discovery Leads to Treatment of Leukemia
   - BRRI Scientists Set for Confined Field Trials of Golden Rice
   - Uganda's President Calls for Modern Science Thinking

Newsletter November  2015 [ 1.4 mb ]

Newsletter October 2015

   - AVCASA (CropLife South Africa) 2015 Congress
   - SSP Project in the Cotton Sector of Malawi
   - FAO Workshop on Locust Pesticide Procurement - Rome September 2 - 3
   - ToT SSP Training: Egypt
   - CropLife Zimbabwe offers “Advanced Crop Chemical Application Course”
   - CropLife Morocco: Obstocks Project

   - CropLife International Participates in ICCM4
   - 1st Continental Symposium on Honey Production, Bee Health and Pollination Services in Africa 6-8 September 2015 - Safir Hotel, Cairo, Egypt

Anti Counterfeiting
   - CropLife Cote d’Ivoire: Anti-counterfeiting Training Workshop for Enforcement Agents
   - CropLife Cote d’Ivoire donates a vehicle to fight the Illegal trade of pesticides
   - CropLife Uganda: Anti-Counterfeiting Initiative, E-Tag launch

Association Management
   - CropLife Morocco Holds AGM
   - Nigeria Establishes Biosafety Lab for GMOs
   - Stakeholders from Africa Visit Bt Cotton Fields in India

Newsletter October  2015 [ 1.5 mb ]

Newsletter September 2015

East & Southern Africa Hub and Regulatory Workshop, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 25 & 26 August.

   - GlobalGAP Conference - Cape Town: 12 August
   - CropLife Sudan (SAGA): Responsible Use Training of Trainers Program - Khartoum
   - SSP Impact Assessment Workshop, Ghana
   - GlobalGAP Conference - Addis Ababa: 27 August
   - CropLife Ghana Obsolete Stocks Program : 2009-2015

   - East & Southern Africa Regulatory Workshop 25-26 August 2015
   - Registration of Biological Pesticides in Zambia
   - Meeting of the Comité Pesticides d’Africa Centrale (CPAC) and CropLife AME

Anti Counterfeiting
   - Anti-Counterfeiting Training Workshop for Enforcement Agents: Cote d’Ivoire
   - Anti-Counterfeiting training for Customs and Immigration Services: Ghana

Association Management
   - CropLife Egypt holds Annual General Meeting
   - CropLife Sudan (SAGA) – Summary of Activities - Training Programs (preceding 4 months)
   - Association Management - Sudan

Plant Biotechnology
   - Kenyan Parliamentarians Endorse Government Plan to Lift GMO Ban
   - Certified GM Foods in China Safe, According to the Ministry of Agriculture
   - GMO maize to boost food sufficiency, says Industrialization Principal Secretary Wilson Songa
   - SA Farmers to Use more GMO’s
   - ICAR Emphasizes Importance of Field Trials of GM Crops

Newsletter September  2015 [ 1.3 mb ]

Newsletter August 2015

CropLife Africa Middle East - Board Meeting

   - CropLife AME Presents the Spray Service Provider (SSP) Concept in Washington
   - CropLife Malawi: SSP Pilot Project
   - CleanFarms Handover Meetings: Malawi
   - CropLife Malawi: Container Management Program
   - CropLife Cameroon: IPM/RU Training Workshop for Vegetable Producers

   - Quality Management for Certification of Fruits and Vegetables

Anti Counterfeiting
   - INTERPOL: Workshop on Launching the Anti - Counterfeit and Pharmaceutical Crime Unit: Kigali, Rwanda, 23 – 24 July
   - Anti - Counterfeiting Training Workshop for Enforcement Agencies in Northern Cote d’Ivoire
   - CropLife Egypt Member Companies Lead in the Promotion of the National Anti - counterfeiting “Flagship Project”

Association Management
   - CropLife Ghana holds second Cross - Platform Workshop : Koforidua - 24 July

Plant Biotechnology
   - New GMO Maize Ready for Kenya
   - Two GM Crops Endorsed for Import Approval in the EU

Newsletter August  2015 [ 0.93 mb ]

Newsletter July 2015

CropLife Africa Middle East - Board Meeting

   - Zambia to Certify Agro-dealers
   - Responsible Use Training Workshop for Dealers, Counselors and Applicators: Cote d’Ivoire
   - Sensitization Workshop on the Stockholm Convention: Cote d’Ivoire
   - CropLife Mauritius carries out training on the Safe and Responsible Application of Pesticides

Association Management
   - CropLife Uganda develops Strategic Plan 2015 – 2017

   - El-Wadi Exhibition in Luxor

Plant Biotechnology
   - CropLife Ghana undertakes ‘Cross-Platform Workshop
   - Plant Biotechnology Workshop: Cote d’Ivoire
   - Bt Cotton Trials in Ghana Show Positive Results
   - GM Crops Can Help Preserve Agrobiodiversity
   - Tanzania Deputy Minister for Agriculture Advocates Adoption of Biotech in Agriculture

Newsletter July  2015 [ 1.05 mb ]

Newsletter June 2015

WCA Hub & Regulatory Workshop
   - The West & Central Africa Hub and Regulatory meeting took place on 5 & 6 May in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire

   - CropLife Cote d’Ivoire Conducts Training of Trainers on Responsible Use of Pesticides
   - CropLife Cote d’Ivoire: Training Workshop on Responsible Use of Pesticides in Cacao Production
   - Container Management Workshop: Wellington - South Africa
   - BEECON 2015
   - CropLife Zambia Signs MOU to Train 200 Farmer Business Advisers in “Responsible Use” of Pesticides
   - Ghana Introduces SSPs in Soybean, Mango and Pineapple
   - CropLife Namibia undertakes Responsible Use Training
   - CropLife Namibia Continues with their Container Management Campaign

   - Uganda
   - USAID Workshop to Tackle Counterfeiting
   - The Establishment of an Agricultural Platform to Tackle Counterfeiting of Agri-Inputs

   - Food Safety Summit Africa Conference & Expo: 28 - 29 May 2015

Association Management
   - NAMPO
   - CropLife Mauritius Participates in the Celebrations marking the World Day for Safety and Health

Plant Biotechnology
   - Mozambique Steps Forward in Achieving Food Security
   - Kenyan Farmers Visit South African GM Crops Fields
   - GM Crops Continue to Provide Positive Impacts

Newsletter June  2015 [ 1.7 mb ]

Newsletter May 2015

   - IPM / Responsible Use Project Team Meeting
   - Stewardship Steering Committee Meeting
   - Visits to Nairobi and Addis to Meet with Potential Partners 12 - 16 April
   - CropLife Ethiopia

   - Meeting of the Africa Apiculture Platform Executive Committee: Kenya

   - CropLife Egypt’s “Anti-Counterfeiting Flagship Project” participates at the International Conference of the Plant Protection Research Institute

Association Management
   - CropLife Uganda holds Annual General Meeting
   - CropLife Uganda holds meeting with the State Minister of Agriculture Animal Industry
   - CropLife Zimbabwe holds Annual General Meeting

Plant Biotechnology
   - Golden Rice Project Wins Patents for Humanity Award 2015
   - Kenyan Farmers Visit South African GM Crops Fields

Newsletter May 2015 [ 1.3 mb ]

Newsletter April 2015

   - The Management of Empty Pesticide Containers in Africa and the linkage with GlobalGAP
   - IPM Training for the SSP project in Nigeria
   - Container Management Project Team Meeting: 18 March 2015

   - Regulatory Meeting Held in Mohammedia, Morocco: 11 – 12 March 2015

   - CropLife Egypt, Anti-Counterfeiting Flagship Project: Participation at Member Company’s events

Association Management
   - CropLife South Africa holds AGM
   - CropLife Kenya holds 2015 Annual General Meeting
   - CropLife Mauritius holds AGM
   - CropLife Ghana Relocates to New Premises Since the registration of CropLife

Plant Biotechnology
   - Partners and Stakeholders’ Coordination Meeting on Biosafety Capacity Development in Africa - March 10 & 11 - Maputo, Mozambique
   - CropLife International Africa Partners Meeting, Maputo - March 12
   - S&T Committee Urges Change to EU Rules for GM Crops
   - Vietnam Approves Double Stack Corn for Commercial Cultivation
   - America's Consumers Willing to Spend More for Biotech Potato Products

Newsletter April 2015 [ 1.6 mb ]

Newsletter March 2015

   - Container Management - South Africa
   - CropLife Malawi: Spray Service Provider (SSP) Pilot Initiative

   - Stakeholders in Kenya meet to discuss the aftermath of the EU public consultation on Endocrine Disruptors (ED’s)

   - Workshop: Risk reduction through the prevention, detection and management of the illegal trade in pesticides in Egypt
   - Cote d’Ivoire: Anti-countering Training
   - Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Seminar: Egypt "Combating Counterfeiting and Piracy"
   - Anti-Counterfeiting Steering Committee Meeting: Washington DC - 12 February

Association Management
   - CLAME Meets with IFPRI and USAID: Washington DC
   - Participation of CropLife Cote d’Ivoire at the Agricultural Fair, SARA 2015: April 03-12
   - CropLife Cameroon Attends Launch of the 2015 Crop Year

   - Crop Protection Communications Committee Meeting, Washington DC– 12 February 

Plant Biotechnology
   - BIOTECH (Genetically Modified) Crops can Make a Major Contribution to Feeding a Global Population of 9 Billion People by 2050
   - Modi bets on GM Crops for India's Second Green Revolution
   - Second Green Revolution
   - More Voices in Africa are calling for Increased Biotech Adoption

Newsletter March 2015 [ 1.7 mb ]

Newsletter February 2015

   - Obsolete Stocks Project: Cote d’Ivoire

   - EU Public Consultation on Defining Criteria for Identifying ED’s - Pretoria 12 January
   - Participation at the IITA COMPRO II Projects Workshop

Association Management
   - Meetings with CropLife Cote d’Ivoire: Update and Planning
   - Meeting with CropLife Ghana: Update and Planning

Plant Biotechnology
   - ISAAA Launches 2014 Report on Global Status of GM Crops
   - The EU Lifts its Ban on GM Crops
   - USDA Deregulates Dicamba-Tolerant Cotton and Soybean

Newsletter February 2015 [ 1.4 mb ]

Newsletter January 2015

   - Training workshop on introducing IPM into the SSP program - Cote d’Ivoire
   - CropLife Uganda: Training activities in partnership with ZOA
   - Assessment Workshop for the Vegetable, Corn and Soybean Sectors
   - Annual Revision of CLAME Training Manuals
   - Meeting with Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) regarding obsolete pesticides in South
   - Empty Pesticide Container Management Meeting - South Africa
   - Launch of the Multi Stakeholder the Continental Multi-Stakeholder Platform (MSP) For Honey Production, Pollination Services and Bee Health 9 – 11 December, 2014

   - Meeting in South Africa on EU Public Consultation on Defining Criteria for Identifying Endocrine
   - CropLife Africa Middle East and COLEACP/PIP extend cooperation until 31 June 2015

   - Anti-counterfeiting Training for Officers of Customs Services and the Ministry of Agriculture
   - Monitoring of the Capacity Building Programs on the Illegal trade of Pesticides

Plant Biotechnology
   - China Approves Imports of Biotech Crops
   - Kenya Bets on High Value Sorghum to Boost Yields

Newsletter January 2015 [ 1.4 mb ]